Business Objective

Our client is a privately owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company that produces, markets and sells its products mostly prescription and non-prescription drugs across India using different channels. The owners of the pharma company have set ambitious growth plans and want to list the company on Bombay stock exchange in 3 years. The leadership hired a new sales team and set a target to grow revenue by 12% and improve profitability by 3.5% in under 2 years.


Geographically spread across the nation with disparate and unorganized record keeping. Limited visibility and delay in updating sales information, sales people made updates once they returned to their home office from field. Disparate data sources across levels resulting in approximation and inaccuracy.

Solution Methodology

Studied background and existing data collation and consolidation.
Identified gaps and recommended an approach to partner with regional distributors. Implemented a solution to consolidate data from disparate sources into a trusted source at national level.

Reports and dashboards were run on the consolidated data store, that tracked sales revenue and costs, resulting in 99% of sales captured on a weekly basis.

Subsequently built dashboards to review profitability and sales based on multiple dimensions

  • Revenue from sales over time
  • Revenue from sales for different states/regions
  • Revenue by sales channel over time/by region
  • Profitability over time
  • Profitability for different region/ states over time

Identified under-utilized sales channel, recommended to move 65% of traditional sales to the under-utilized channel.

Business Impact

Overall, at the country level growth in sales revenue was registered at 16.04% and profit at 6.05% after 24 months

Additionally, also highlighted 2 states where our client has continued to make losses. Based on our reports a ‘task force’ of top sales people in each region was created to bring the states into profitability. Stemming the losses in those 2 states and everything else remaining same, it would have resulted in addition of 0.3% in profit.

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