Sales Analytics

Do you know the actual sales volume vs target volume?

Who are your top 5 sales persons? How are they incentivised?

Which area/territory/geography/region is the best performing in terms of volume and revenue? 

How is the profitability for that best performing area/territory/geography/region?

Sales forecasting

  • Examine insights and prepare forecast for sales team based on historical data and analysis
  • Provide flexibility to revise forecast based (e,g on market condition, specific condition in a region or geography)

Geography/Region Tracking

  • Deploy sales personnel effectively and adequately to cover geography or region
  • Leverage analytics to support sales team within and across geographies

Sales Tracking and Incentive

  • Track and report actual sales achieved to budget, target set
  • Track and manage performance of sales personnel across geographies including cost of sales
  • Incentives sales based on performance

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